This is a great program with many powerful features. I am still fooling with it, but have mastered how to use it pretty well in less than an hour. Got the QRZ, and eHam, sites updated to show this website and blog. Feel free to discuss anything - this is a ham radio site but it is a personal one as well and I will likely talk about other subjects. For example, how was your weather in the last day or so? Here it sank to 6 below zero and it snowed again. We are dug out.. I have no garage, so getting the car ready for use is a chore. I have a really nice parka that is earning its keep this winter. Trick of the day: Wear gloves but be sure you can withdraw your fingers, thus converting to a much warmer mitten. It can save one from frostbite. - Fred
dave palmrose

hello fred I was just looking up ham radio calls with our NY prefix and found your site and blog. It would be fun to get a bunch us november yankees together on 15 meters to swap some tall tales! hope to talk to you soon,drop me an email. 73s dave NY7C


THX for info


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