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1/12/2011 05:25:08 am

Just found the navigation bar on top (very tiny). Yesterday when I first looked, I did NOT see it. Today the browser (Safari) sill had the window open on your WEBSITE and I purposely looked around to find the navigation bar and still thought there was none until I noticed that the scroll bar was down just a hair (NOT noticed yesterday) so I scrolled up and saw it. YEP, you do have a real website -- sorry for the confusion.
73 de KS6CW

2/1/2011 06:09:34 am

i just found this radio..and i like...keep up this music pls..

2/2/2011 09:20:42 pm

G'day OM Was just huntin around lookin at keys and ended up here, you have had some nice old bits of gear in days gone by the X-501 Bug looks very nice and the old Vibroplex, anyway keep up the good work i can never resist signin a guest book and sayin g'day!! de VK4VFX Stu, Jimboomba Queensland

12/4/2011 07:11:16 am

Hi Fred, Long Time No Talk. Remember me? I'm the guy you sold the Regency HR-212 with the GLB synthesizer to when I was a student at Syracuse U ca. 1978. You may remember I used to QSO with WB2ANI (now AK2F) across campus on 146.02 low power simplex and you would complain we'd interfere with the .025 input 40 miles away (which we did a few times) And we'd complain that W2ZOJ could time out simplex. I'm now a repeater operator myself, W2TW/R 2 meter repeater is at my house after it lost it's lease at a Bell Labs location that closed. I don't have the HR-212 any more, I sold it after quite a few years but I actually kind of miss it, it had great audio from that front facing speaker and I'll never forget all your careful notes in the manual. So I've spent my career in radio, in commercial 2-way for about six years then at Bell Labs / AT&T Labs since 1985 testing RF circuits, making field propagation measurements, solving RF EMC issues and lots more and now I'm testing microwave point to point radios used to backhaul traffic from cell sites and office buildings that don't have fiber to locations that do, in various bands from 6 to 80 GHz. Anyway hope you get yourself back on the air and to work you on CW. Peter WA1VMI


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